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Wrestling With The Grays

I wish I was a black and white kind of girl.  You know…the kind of person who makes decisions easily, who always has confidence as to what the right thing is, and who doesn’t look back and wonder if she missed the boat altogether.  Yeah…that’s not me.  I wrestle with the grays. Life isn’t black and Read Post

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Back To School Challenge For Moms

As August rolls in and the days roll down – we find ourselves packing in as much fun as we possibly can as we celebrate the last days of summer.  Labor Day weekend, the state fair, final days at the lake…and all the while it is looming in the back of our minds that the school year Read Post

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Tripping on Guilt

If you had to guess – how many times a month would you estimate that you do something you don’t want to do out of guilt? Guilt – the word itself feels like a gavel pounding on the table and the fingers pointing in my direction.  It’s your fault…you should have…you shouldn’t have…you blew it…you better do Read Post

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Transitions: From Toddlers to Teens

Terrible Twos, Treacherous Threes, Frantic Fours, Troublesome Teens….we have all endured one of these in some form or fashion.  Being a parent of these menaces to society can be an excruciating experience.  And most would agree that on any given day – in any given moment – any one of these creatures will threaten to take you down. Read Post

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The Pity Party Problem

Sometimes it’s fun to have a pity party.  Don’t you think?  It’s that moment when all of a sudden everyone around you finally gets it – they sympathize, they coddle, they are amazed at how well you are doing considering your terrible circumstances.  And while you wipe your nose, sniff, and dab at your eyes…it feels quite lovely. Read Post

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Bitter Pills

There are some things in life that cannot be changed.  There are times when no matter how much we try, pray, research, plead, argue, deny, try something new, come up with new solutions or talk about it…sometimes it seems there is nothing more that we can do.  I am not very good at swallowing bitter pills.   Read Post

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Getting Your Life Right

The other night my husband and I were watching an old re-run of Johnny Carson.  For those of you who are of a different generation than me – Johnny Carson was the Jimmy Fallon of my generation.  He had a warm demeanor and quick sense of humor and almost every night we used to go to bed Read Post

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Are You Dancing with the Right Guy?

It’s been about 100 years since I have blogged for you single gals.  (Oh, how I love to exaggerate…it pleases me so…)  I’ve had a few people contact me lately regarding their relationships.  I think my most popular blog to date was the post Cat and Mouse Dating Games . My personal favorite on dating is Read Post