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The Master and His Masterpiece

I heard a story once that I want to share with you. I don’t know if it is true or not, but it has a powerful analogy for our lives. A mom and her son were out for an evening to see a famous concert pianist. Her son had been taking piano lessons and had Read Post

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Estranged: My Recent Journey

I am estranged from my parents.  I cannot tell you how hard it was to write those words.  It’s a painful secret that I try to keep to myself. In the past six months I have learned more about Jesus than in the previous 57 years of my life.  While my journey has been very painful, it Read Post

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The Weakness of a Strong Woman

I love strong women.  I raised a strong woman.  I encouraged my sons to marry strong women.  My friends are strong women.  I have little tolerance for mamby pamby, weak minded, needy – I’ll do anything to please you and please feel free to stomp on me with golf cleats – kind of weak behaviors as demonstrated by Read Post

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Letting My People Go

I think it’s a bit of a conundrum for parents to let go of their children.  (I am so loving that word conundrum)  If you ask me (not that you have asked and not that my children are asking me anymore which is part of the reason I write about this conundrum) it’s a delicate balance Read Post

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The Tyranny of Busyness

When I was in college I had a roommate who thrived on being busy.  I remember laying around on our twin beds on each side of the room with our oh-so-cute matching green and pink bedspreads. On each wall above our beds was a cork board.  On this board we would display our photos, cute little sayings Read Post

A lake in Swedenreflection of the house and trees in the calm waters.

When God Suddenly Moves

The other day I was talking to a long time friend of mine whose daughter is struggling with some very serious health issues.  She shared about a prayer service that was held at their church and how her daughter now has new peace and fresh hope.  Somewhere in our conversation she said to me, “Jack, we are Read Post

Young lamb on the farm

Rejection and a Reason to Rejoice

My friend sent me a video the other day and at first sight it looked like something that might have been filmed at some agricultural exhibit at the Minnesota State Fair.  Being the suburban girl that I am I wasn’t so sure about this one – but she always sends me worthwhile stuff so figured I would watch it Read Post

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The Missing Ingredient in Marriage

The other day I was talking to my friend who is happily married and she said something to me that I could not argue. “I can count on one hand the couples our age who are still in love.” We are in our late 50’s.  What a sad, sad, statement.  Now think about it – she is Read Post